Steganography Embedder and Extractor


Date: December 2016 - January 2017

Supports 20 sorting algorithms and 18 types of start data. Options to view and compare two algorithms simultaneously, change size of the datasets, range of numbers in the dataset and delay. Provides real-time visualisation of the movement of data and swapping of elements in the datasets. This software can serve as a learning tool for people who want to understand how different sorting algorithms operate and in what circumstances one algorithm may be a better choice. The statistics provide an in-depth evaluation of how well an algorithm has performed on the unsorted data. Served as a learning tool for myself for understanding different sorting algorithms and their applications due to their characteristics.

Steganography - Embed View
Steganography - Embed View


  • Embed any file type within PNG image files.
  • Extract hidden files from PNG image files.
  • Uses Least Significant Bit algorithms (1 bit or 2 bits).
  • Analyses potential space in the carrier image that can contain a message file.
  • Changes only the least significant bit of the carrier images, so changes are not detectable by the human eye.


Steganography - Embed View
Steganography - Embed View
Steganography - Extract View