CS261: Software Engineering Group Project

Date: February 2018 - March 2018

A specialised, personalisable Trader ChatBot that can fetch data and current news on stocks and sectors from the FTSE 100 index. Our ChatBot communicates with the user in a natural way, and has been designed to identify and adapt to the user’s main interests in the stock market, making for a more personal trading experience.

RSCBot - Example shares in issue query


  • Fast and responsive answers to stock market queries.
  • Hourly news briefings from a selection of the user's favourite companies and sectors.
  • Ability to select favourite companies and sectors.
  • Poll rate choice for each individual company and sector.
  • Extensive list of available queries.
  • AI to detect possible interests to the user.
  • Sentiment analysis on every news story recieved.
  • Currency conversion capabilities for USD, GBP and Euro.
  • Text and Voice input.
  • Textual, Graphic and Audio output.
RSCBot - Example hourly RSS news briefing

Possible queries include but are not limited to:

  • Share Price
  • Point Change
  • Percentage Change
  • Bid, Offer
  • Open, Close
  • Low, High
  • Revenue
  • EPS
  • Volume, Average Volume
  • Market Cap
  • PE Ratio
  • Shares in Issue
  • Current News
  • Performance


RSCBot - Example hourly RSS news briefing
RSCBot - Favourites Selection
RSCBot - Example shares in issue query
RSCBot - Example sector news query
RSCBot - More example queries
RSCBot - Help modal