About Me

4th Year Computer Science Student at University of Warwick.

I love learning new languages, frameworks and technologies in my spare time, exploring their different uses and applications. I aim to learn a new language/technology every university term outside of the regular curriculum. Languages/Frameworks/Technologies I have explored in my spare time so far include: C#, Haskell, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Sass, Bootstrap, Materialize and MongoDB. I have also created some projects using these languages where I feel confident enough. You can view a list of my projects here.

Programming Languages

Java - Primary programming language at University. Robot Maze Environment, Steganography, Witter.
Confident (3 projects)
C# - Sorting Visualiser, Delivery Route Planner.
Confident (2 projects)
Python - Machine learning projects.
Comfortable (1 projects)
C++ - OpenGL simulation of a roller coaster.
Comfortable (1 project)
C - Basic knowledge. 3D-Printing algorithms for 2D and 3D Shapes.
Beginner (2 project)
Visual Basic - First programming language.
Comfortable (0 projects)
Haskell - Mastermind and Scratch Clone coursework.
Comfortable (2 projects)
Ruby - Minesweeper styled game.
Beginner (1 projects)
Matlab - Digital forensics on images.

Web Technologies

JavaScript - Graph Algorithm Visualiser, RSCBot
Confident (6 projects)
HTML - Created websites including this portfolio, BSplit and a To Do List.
Confident (7 projects)
CSS - Styled this website and coursework website from CS139 using CSS.
Confident (7 projects)
Sass - Used for this website to make the CSS more readable and maintainable.
Comfortable (1 project)
Less - Used for styling in a React project.
Beginner (1 project)
PHP - Used in CS139 Coursework and portfolio.
Beginner (3 projects)
Node.js - Used for URL Shortener.
Beginner (1 project)
jQuery - Used for CS139 coursework.
Comfortable (5 projects)
Bootstrap - Used in a previous version of this website, CS139 coursework.
Comfortable (2 projects)
Materialize - Used in this version of this website.
Comfortable (2 projects)
Webix - Used to create UI in intern project at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Comfortable (1 project)
React - React Hooks used in intern project at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Beginner (1 project)


SQL - Integrated in numerous projects. Used in CS258 coursework with complex queries.
Comfortable (4 projects)
Access SQL - Used in COMP4 Coursework for deliveries.
Beginner (1 projects)
SQLite - Used in CS139 Coursework for splitting bills.
Beginner (2 projects)
MongoDB - Used in URL shortener project.
Beginner (1 projects)


Bash - Shell Scripting exercises. Finding security defects in a Virtual Machine.
Git - Used to maintain various personal and group projects.
LaTeX - Basic commands. Created a Linux Reference guide, as well as other various documents.
Alloy - Simple exercises, CS262 Coursework.

Modules Taken

Year 1 Modules

Year 2 Modules

Year 3 Modules
  • CS310: Computer Science Project (Dissertation)arrow_forwardUsing Swarm AI to map a cave network
  • CS313: Mobile Robotics
  • CS324: Computer Graphicsarrow_forwardOpenGL Roller coaster
  • CS331: Neural Computing
  • CS342: Machine Learning
  • CS355: Digital Forensics